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Mesquite Lumber
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Pecan Lumber
Mesquite and Pecan turning blanks
Elm Lumber
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Aromatic Red Cedar
We harvest and dry some of the most premium quality Texas Mesquite and Pecan wood on the market. We also have a wide selection of live edge slabs available.  We supply both wholesale and retail customers with customized solutions to their lumber needs.  
Special cuts, odd-ball projects, hard-to-find material- we can help!

We try to keep the following woods in stock, and have various grades of each species available for your selection:
- Mesquite (both standard, better, & premium grades)
- Pecan (often in slabs or boards up to 24" wide)
- Elm (a excellent alternative to ash with excellent working qualities and even color)
- Texas Walnut (unsteamed, rich dark brown colors with natural highlights of purple and cream)

Prices shown are per board foot. Board footage is based on 1" x 12" x 12" (equivalency of 144 cubic inches).

Got questions? E-mail us at mesquitevalley@yahoo.com